About Jekyll Weekly

A (somewhat)weekly round-up of Jekyll news and articles. We’re using MailChimp for list management. You can read our spam policy here and MailChimp’s Acceptable Use Policy here. SPAM sucks and we promise you won’t get any as a result of subscribing to our newsletter.

Who’s Behind This?

Jekyll Weekly is curated by Brad West, a web developer from Hollywood, Alabama.

Why Do You Keep Saying “Us” and “We”?

I hope this will turn into a community project and attract other contributors soon. If you’d like to be one of those contributors, get in touch.

What’s Up With The Design?

This site is hosted on GitHub Pages and built with Jekyll (what were you expecting?). Since the newsletter is focused on Jekyll we thought keeping the design the same as the main Jekyll site would give some cohesion. And per the license in their footer, we thought it OK to do so.

How Was it Built?

This site was designed and coded using the following:

Jekyll v3.0.1 v3.3.1
GitHub Pages (repo)